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Penguin Dance is one of the earliest humour sites, featuring rows of penguins dancing to the
chicken dance song.

The original Penguin Dance website was created by Scott Barry, a Linux user, who developed
the two pages featuring rows of dancing penguins. In the late 90s the site was composed of a
single web page and from 2001 more
penguins were added in the first and second page.

Here is what he had to say:
"In year 2000, hampsterdance.com got popular, and I starting getting into Linux.
So, I registered the domain penguindance.com. Originally I just put up a few penguins on a
ugly page and left it. The Penguin Dance site began spreading through e-mail and newsgroups,
with little mention before 2000. From 2002 the site was one of
the most popular fun websites on the net. "

The home page of the site has been pretty much the same since February,2001.

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